The encompassing wreath signifies that as a private foundation, our plan is to exist into perpetuity. Our board of trustees is comprised of a combination of podiatrists, business executives, and individuals with exceptional investment expertise. This combination of backgrounds and skill sets provides the ability to manage our business and assets in a manner to both insure our survival as well as achieve our objectives.

Starting this year, we are now mandated by the IRS to give 5% of our asset base to fund grants, and of course we are doing exactly that. In fact, from our creation in 2012, we have been making grants to podiatry, well before we were required to do so.

Between the expertise on our board and our investment managers, Glenmede, our goal is to generate a minimum of a 7% increase in our asset base each year, insuring our steady growth. To date, we have far exceeded that minimum criterion.

The new domain name is “dot foundation” In other words, instead of something like (the normal not for profit domain, we are “”). Therefore, our email addresses will look like, for example, “”. Our new website URL is the same:

This past year, we have continued to develop a strong client base. Becoming members in the American Society of Podiatry Executives (ASPE), has joined us with the leading professionals in podiatry. All the national, state, and even some federal associations associated with podiatry, are members of this prestigious group. A fundamental benefit of membership in ASPE is an ongoing involvement and awareness of current and developing activity in podiatric medicine and education, which will help The Podiatry Foundation with awareness of specific needs in the profession.

We are now working with several state podiatry associations, and plan to be involved with more. The ten states with the most podiatrists account for 60% of the podiatrists in the United States.

We continue to support and fund grants to the Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine in our home state. This year we have given the college funding for their annual Alumni Weekend, a research project focusing on the Charcot Foot, several scholarships, continued funding for the college's CME programs including the CME program in Florence Italy, and more.

The move away from Zoom Grants to our new online application platform, powered by Survey Monkey, has been an incredibly successful upgrade. Our applicants now receive immediate feedback on their grant application status as they work through the Letter of Intent through the Full Application.

We will continue to improve the on-line application process as we move forward, as our goal is to make the process as streamlined as possible for our clients.

We look forward to serving you,
David R. Nicolanti, Ph.D.
Executive Director