Adopted on: July, 30, 2015

This policy has been developed by working in conjunction with the Kent State University Department of Academic Personnel and Human Resources, and in consideration of policies 6-20: UNIVERSITY POLICY FOR LIMITED-TERM POSTDOCTORAL APPOINTMENTS, 6-25: UNIVERSITY POLICY REGARDING THE EMPLOYMENT OF STUDENTS, and 6-25.1 ADMINISTRATIVE POLICY REGARDING THE EMPLOYMENT OF STUDENTS.

In the event that a grant proposal is received that includes requested funding for Graduate Assistants (GA’s), or Post Doctoral (PD) graduates, such funding by The Podiatry Foundation will be limited to no more than one of these positions (upon approval of the grant proposal). For this position, The Podiatry Foundation will fundĀ up to $20,000 for the entire 12 month academic year. In addition, we will fund up to 8 credit hours, or $3,880 of tuition waiver per semester for a total of $7,760 for the academic year. This is based on the numbers for Academic Year 2014-2015. There will be no further consideration for summer involvement.

Our funding is predicated on receiving a copy of the executed offer letter to the GA or PD indicating the proposed grant as the primary responsibility. In reference to the GA’s, this policy ties in very well to KSU policy, as it relates to work effort and maximum work hours. We are well aware of the variance in funding for the PD’s, and that this policy may result in a shortfall in compensation for a given situation. We are also aware that there are other sources of external funding and that a cost share arrangement or even use of the college department’s own index number are other possibilities.

Our primary focus is on podiatric medical education. In specific instances, if cohesive and compelling arguments can be made (e.g., significant benefits related to the national/ international prestige of CPM, or material future financial benefits to CPM, etc.) advancing highly probable advantages to be gained by CPM, these situations will be given special attention. In such cases, in order to receive timely and adequate consideration, it is important to present such factors to The Podiatry Foundation Executive Director as early on in the grant application process as possible.