April 22, 2021

The Podiatry Foundation (the Foundation) has limited resources for grant funding in any given year.  It is imperative that the application process is efficient, as additional grant funding is dependent on the amount available and the timing of the grant request.


The application process can be time consuming, starting at the initial letter of intent and culminating in an executed award letter.  In order to introduce efficiencies into the application process, the Foundation will adhere to the following conditions within the grant application process:


  • The Letter of Intent will be completed and submitted at least 90 days before the planned event, and the Full Application will be completed and submitted a minimum of 60 days prior to the event. This will allow for the timely drafting, negotiation and execution of the Award Letter.
  • In order to assure that senior management of a grantee organization is aware of a grant award and the commitments made by the Foundation and the grantee with respect to the award, all award letters agreed to by a grantee need to be signed by the responsible person for the organization’s activities (Chief Executive Officer, President, Dean, etc.). Doing so will ensure that the commitments made by the grantee and the commitments made by the Foundation are appropriately communicated to the grantee organization’s management and that person is dedicated to the fulfillment of the plan.
  • Prospective grantee will have five (5) business days to respond to situations as they develop in the application process. These situations can represent any event in which the prospective grantee is asked to address or complete a piece of information in the Letter of Intent, Full Application or Award Letter.  Examples include additional information requested by the Foundation, signature or comment on a deliverable or award letter offered by the Foundation, etc.


  • Milestones and Grant Terms
    The Award Letter when executed contains the specific terms under which the grant has been mutually agreed upon. It is a formal binding contract.  If the terms are not individually and collectively met, The Podiatry Foundation may exercise its rights to reduce remaining payments, request the return of funds or take other actions as necessary and/or appropriate.  Any grants that face these disappointments can also impact the Foundation’s ability to achieve our stated objectives in furthering podiatric medical education and research.