Adopted February 26, 2015

Indirect Cost Policy for Project Grants and Contracts for Applicant Organizations The Podiatry Foundation defines indirect costs as:

  • Overhead expenses or ongoing operational costs incurred by the applicant or­ganization on behalf of the organization’s activities and projects, but that are not easily identified with any specific project.
  • Administrative or other expenses which are not directly allocable to a particular activity or project.
  • Expenses related to general operations of an organization that are shared among projects and/or functions.

Basic examples include executive oversight, existing facilities costs, accounting, grants management, legal expenses, utilities, other salaried employees, and technology sup­port.

Other Funding

The Foundation is a charitable entity and is not committed to matching indirect cost rates. We recognize that this means: (a) some grantees may need to engage in cost­-sharing between projects, tap into unrestricted funds, or conduct other fundraising to cover operations. We believe our policy is consistent with that of many private founda­tions. The Foundation’s policy helps ensure furtherance of our charitable purpose.


Adopted February 26, 2015