Regular reporting is one of the obligations under the terms and conditions specified in the guidelines of the award letter. It is also a requirement imposed on the Foundation by the IRS. These reports become part of the permanent record for each grant award. The award letter indicated the specific reporting requirements related to the grant. Grant funds must only be used for the charitable purposes specified in the grant proposal and in the manner set forth in the award letter.

The award letter specifies the terms of the grant, including the use of grant funds and the required reporting schedule. Narrative reports should describe the activities undertaken and evaluate the progress made toward achieving the purposes of the grant during the reporting period. It is important to note that the principal investigator or lead contact is ultimately responsible for management of the grant funds and, as such, must ensure that all progress and final reports are submitted in a timely manner to the Executive Director.

Grantees are expected to use the grant funds as specified in the grant proposal. The Foundation reserves the right to partially fund a project pending the receipt of the scheduled progress reports and the progress attained towards reaching the stated goals. The Foundation may suspend grant activities and require the return of funds for delinquent or unsatisfactory reporting and/or progress, and will consider reporting history in the awarding of any future grants. In cases where grantee spending is not consistent with the grant proposal and guidelines and milestones set forth in the award letter and related documentation, the Foundation reserves the right to request the return of awarded funds, suspend funding, disallow expenditures, or take other remedial actions. It is expected that if you cannot spend the funds in the way the budget was projected on the grant proposal, you must notify the Executive Director with this information.

A grantee wishing to change the terms of a grant through an extension of the grant period, a minimal reallocation of grant funds, or request additional funding, must submit the request in writing to the Executive Director with a description of the requested change. Grantees must obtain advanced written approval from the Executive Director for any such requests or changes.


Adopted on April 28, 2016