Adopted May 28, 2015

The Podiatry Foundation understands that there may be many different reasons why a particular project may change or even be cancelled. These situations are normal and, if properly handled, do not reflect negatively on the grantee. Usually with a change in scope or process, there also occurs a related change in the monetary aspects of the undertaking. In this situation, please contact The Podiatry Foundation Executive Director to consult on how to proceed.

Whenever these changes result in either a significant reduction in costs or even the cancellation of the entire project, the resulting savings must be returned to The Podiatry Foundation as expeditiously as possible. Either the original check should be returned if the changes have transpired prior to the check having been deposited; or, if subsequent, the organization (or individual) must write a check back to the Foundation as soon as possible. Following this procedure will protect your organizational relationship with the Foundation and will help assure your ongoing ability to receive additional funding.