Adopted on May 21, 2015 | Revised on February 25, 2016

The Podiatry Foundation defines supplementing budgets as the following: Any grant application that seeks support for capital items such as equipment and/or general maintenance and repairs (normally provided for in the organization’s capital budget process), or support for operating expenses that are normally provided for in the annual operating budget. Examples include, but are not limited to: office equipment, medical equipment, computer equipment and peripherals, furniture, supplies, subscriptions, institutional aid, etc.

The Podiatry Foundation does not support nor will it approve or fund any grant application that seeks to supplement an organization’s operating or capital budget. Any applications that seek to do so will not be considered by The Podiatry Foundation Board of Trustees.

The Podiatry Foundation does not support nor will it approve any grant application that funds the normal operating costs of a capital item, even if that item’s purchase price was funded by a grant from The Podiatry Foundation. Operating costs include, but are not limited to maintenance costs, warranties, licensing fees, etc.

Further, The Podiatry Foundation will not provide scholarship aid to the organization to supplement the operating budget. Such aid may be considered in the event the request is part of a strategic plan that is presented and approved by The Podiatry Foundation prior to the beginning of an academic year (i.e. additional funding to strategically increase academic quality of students or to position the organization in some strategic manner). The Podiatry Foundation is a charitable entity and awarding grants of this nature does not fit the mission or vision of the Foundation.