About Us

On July 1, 2012, as part of the merger between Kent State University and the Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine, the OCPM Foundation was established for charitable and educational purposes. The Foundation is operating as a 501c(3) private foundation. This foundation is now officially doing business as The Podiatry Foundation, with the primary purpose of promoting and fostering podiatric medical education and research by awarding grants supporting projects related exclusively to podiatric medicine.

The Podiatry Foundation is governed by a board of trustees that preserves the financial stability of the foundation and manage the assets. Should it ever become necessary, these assets will be used to reinstitute a college of podiatric medicine in Northeast Ohio. The Podiatry Foundation Board of Trustees plays an important role in approving grants. They fully support and are committed to awarding grant funds related to projects that will enhance the future of podiatric medical education and research.

Essential to The Podiatry Foundation’s purpose is to serve and nurture podiatric medicine, education, and research. The Podiatry Foundation has assisted many national, state, and local podiatric medical organizations including the colleges of podiatric medicine and students and residents in the greater Cleveland area.

Mission Statement

The Podiatry Foundation is committed to advancing the podiatry profession by funding grants in podiatric medical education, research, and the creation of innovative endeavors within the field.

Vision Statement

The Podiatry Foundation will be the most recognized source for funding noteworthy projects that offer advancement of the profession on a national and global level.