Adopted July 20, 2023

Multiple Grantees:

The Podiatry Foundation will entertain grant applications from only tax-exempt entities, namely those entities under IRS Code 501 (c)(3) and IRS Code 501 (c)(6).

Furthermore, the Podiatry Foundation will not entertain grant applications from multiple entities for a single project.  In the event multiple entities are utilized for a single project, such funding will be sub-awarded by the single entity that applies and is awarded the grant from the Podiatry Foundation.


Multiple Grants:

Sometimes, multiple organizations may be interested in similar equipment.  For example, a few different Podiatry colleges may want to apply for funding for AI, VR, equipment or an anatomage table for the classroom.  If The Podiatry Foundation determines that this equipment is indeed important for the institutions, they will decide either how many of these can be funded or partially funded each year, or an annual dollar amount it can fund for this type of equipment.  It will manage the grant applications accordingly and always on a first come first served basis until either the dollar amount is reached, or the decided number of units have been granted.

Any exceptions to the above policy may only occur with Executive Director and Board approval.